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Back to the Future!

We often talk about things coming “full circle” and we’re often amazed at how this develops. It just happened to me and I’m ecstatic! The really amazing part of it is that my previous blog posts have been somewhat chronicling these developments without me even knowing it.

In the beginning, I blogged about how I had discovered that:

All of the projects were aimed at creating beauty to Cause Happiness.

The very next blog post went on to further detail my self-discovery:

The road to happiness is so often a bumpy one. Full of setbacks, heartache and what we often assume is failure. We take detours hoping that if we just try something else, the answer will come. None of that has worked for me. I have decided instead to return to my bliss. To do that which makes me happy and brings me joy.

Now I know that all of it, every word, every idea, every project has led me to this day.

Many years ago, before we left New York, I completed the course work to certify as an Interior Designer. Although I researched every avenue I could think of, the information about how to start and run a solo practice was not forthcoming. The Interior Design industry has long had a reputation for being very secretive.

Blue wingback chair in a blue room.

After we moved to North Carolina and I obtained my Real Estate license, I thought it was enough just to be in the homes and surrounded by great decor. We attended Charlotte HomeArama, which is a luxury home showcase, every year. In one distinctive setting, the newest trends in home technology, interior design, and outdoor living were showcased. One of my first sales as a Realtor, was that of a 100 year old historic home and my husband was awarded the job to do the rehab. Oh happy day! I, of course, did all of the design work and it was, to date, one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. However, when that was done, what I thought was practicality dictated that I continue to focus on real estate.

Fast forward a few more years, and I heavily considered Home Staging as an add on to my real estate career. I quickly put that aside as the real estate market became volatile and our focus turned to the sale of distressed property.

The Joy of Bliss picks up where I left off with real estate. Yes, I am about to return to the world of Interior Design! My focus will be on making interior design accessible and affordable for everyone to suit the busy lifestyles that so many people have these days. All of this will be made possible through the power of technology.

Follow The Joy of Bliss so you don’t miss the unfolding of this venture and pick up a few decorating tips along the way!

What is your current decorating dilemma?


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Quilting Bliss

Sometimes when you are crafting or creating, there seems to be an endless list of supplies you will need (especially if it is a new craft that you’ve never tried). This happened to me again when attempting to complete my first quilt that I wrote about in the last blog post. You can read that here.

While I was waiting for more supplies to arrive, I decided to start on another quilt project. There are many sizes of pre-cut fabric to choose from that makes it slightly easier to piece your quilt. However, I didn’t want to invest in more pre-cuts just yet, so I looked at and thought about some yardage I already had that I bought for a completely different project. The pattern I chose for this new quilt had so many pieces! Would I really be able to cut all of these pieces correctly? How much fabric would I waste? I was worried! Then, I got a sudden burst of courage and went for it!

Not too bad for a first-timer!

Now that my courage was up, I was determined to take my time and piece these pieces just right.


I’m liking this layout and I think this will work with my vision. I reminds me of the old time quilts that Grandma used to make. Well, now that I am a Grandma …


Here, the piecing of the strips are done and laid out on my queen size bed! This picture was taken before I sewed the strips together. Wow! Did I do that?

I plan to add two borders to this before it is complete. I can’t wait to see the finished project. Stay with me and subscribe to my blog to see the continued progress of this and many other projects that I can’t wait to share with you!

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Return to Bliss

The road to happiness is so often a bumpy one. Full of setbacks, heartache and what we often assume is failure. We take detours hoping that if we just try something else, the answer will come. None of that has worked for me. I have decided instead to return to my bliss. To do that which makes me happy and brings me joy. I am so happy you are coming along for the ride.


Several years ago, I got the urge to learn to make quilts. I had been sewing for quite some time, but I was looking for that something else that would allow me to be fully immersed in the cotton fabric I had fallen so in love with. My birthday gift that year was a large haul of beginning quilting supplies. I was so excited to be working on my very first quilt. Needless to say, nothing was perfect. Then I discovered that I needed even more stuff! I got discouraged and distracted.

However, I have finally finished the quilt top for this project.


I am so proud of myself! The coordinating backing fabric just arrived today and I have purchased the other components to finish this “picnic” sized quilt. Subscribe to The Joy of Bliss to see the progress!

What project are you working on that is bringing you joy?