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Return to Bliss

The road to happiness is so often a bumpy one. Full of setbacks, heartache and what we often assume is failure. We take detours hoping that if we just try something else, the answer will come. None of that has worked for me. I have decided instead to return to my bliss. To do that which makes me happy and brings me joy. I am so happy you are coming along for the ride.


Several years ago, I got the urge to learn to make quilts. I had been sewing for quite some time, but I was looking for that something else that would allow me to be fully immersed in the cotton fabric I had fallen so in love with. My birthday gift that year was a large haul of beginning quilting supplies. I was so excited to be working on my very first quilt. Needless to say, nothing was perfect. Then I discovered that I needed even more stuff! I got discouraged and distracted.

However, I have finally finished the quilt top for this project.


I am so proud of myself! The coordinating backing fabric just arrived today and I have purchased the other components to finish this “picnic” sized quilt. Subscribe to The Joy of Bliss to see the progress!

What project are you working on that is bringing you joy?


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Cause Happiness


noun:  perfect happiness; great joy.

synonyms:  joy, happiness, pleasure, delight, ecstasy, elation, rapture, euphoria

verb:  informal

reach a state of perfect happiness, typically so as to be oblivious of everything else.

Hello readers. My name is Denise Morris and I am bursting with joy! Don’t get me wrong, this in no way means I have a perfect life. Nor does it mean that I am perpetually happy. What it does mean is that I have learned to look for what makes me happy and to Focus on The Joy in life.

My interests have seemed scattered for most of my life which has left my family and friends confused and shaking their heads at times as I announce my next “new” obsession. Sometimes even I wondered if it was “normal” to flit from project to project enjoying each one more than the last.

Recently, I began to understand that my interests were not scattered at all. Rather, they were all a part of one theme. All of the projects were aimed at creating beauty to Cause Happiness.

Cause Happiness
Cross Stitch Zippered Pouch Purse Cause Happiness

I have learned that I am not only causing happiness for myself when I create, but I am offering to bring this happiness, this joy to others as I do so.

Come with me so we can experience the Joy of Bliss together. Everyone needs a bit of beauty, joy and happiness in their lives each day. Come on, I’ll show you.