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Color Is Everything!

Color is a very important part of the design of interior spaces. In fact, color can make or break a design. Because of that, I will be writing about color in design regularly.

I thought it would be interesting to start with the color white. Very often, and especially when we move into a new home or space, we may not have taken the time to fully think through the colors we want to paint each room or space. We think, “I’ll just play it safe for now and paint everything white.” After all, white is simple. Isn’t it? Not to mention, some of us are afraid of color. Not color itself, but afraid of not using it correctly.

White Is Not Boring

Just as we use furniture placement and lighting, we also use color to create balance in a space. You may not be a fan of purple walls and red furniture, but when done tastefully with balance in mind, it can be a thing of beauty.

purple and red
Notice the while pillow used for balance

One very important thing to keep in mind though, is that the number of shades of white paint is alarming! It can be quite overwhelming to go into a paint store in search of white paint without a plan.

I’ll show you some examples. I’ve chosen to use the same room in all of the examples so you can see the subtle differences.



Here, we have Benjamin Moore’s Navajo White (OC-95). This hue is inherently sophisticated and endlessly versatile. It works well in tranquil environments. Navajo White is perfect for a country house or warm naturally-lit spaces.



Next up is Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace (OC-65). This is quite a universal paint color that creates a bright white space that is warm and welcoming rather than sterile and cold. It’s a crisp, clean white that reminds you of pure silk and soft linen.



Lastly, take a look at Benjamin Moore’s Chalk White (2126-70). This hue is a grey scale white that work well with both cool and warm toned spaces.

As you can see, the differences between these three are quite subtle. But, remember, there are thousands of shades of white paint to choose from. Once you’ve painted a room, or worse, a whole home with the wrong white paint, you will tire of it rather quickly!

By all means, do your research, call a consultant and go ahead and paint your home with the most beautiful white you can find. Don’t forget to be practical and maybe use white more sparingly if you have small children or pets.

Do you have any color questions? Leave a comment and follow this blog for answers to your decor dilemma.



I am a Grandma, mother and wife. I believe in joy, happiness and creativity. I love writing about these topics to help others take notice of the beauty in their lives.

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